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2023 Parkruns

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Ben Malcolm

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Lifetime total: 52 Parkruns

Done 4 different Parkruns this year.

LocationDateTimeGender PosAge CatCat PosAge GradePB
Barnsley2023-01-0118:31  3VM40–44 274.26%Yes
Penistone2023-01-1419:01  2VM40–44 172.30%
Hillsborough2023-01-2118:15  4VM40–44 375.34%
Penistone2023-02-1818:10  1VM40–44 175.69%
Penistone2023-02-2517:40  1VM40–44 177.83%Yes
Penistone2023-03-0417:12  2VM40–44 279.94%Yes
Graves2023-04-2918:13  1VM40–44 175.48%
Hillsborough2023-05-2017:09  1VM40–44 180.17%Yes
Penistone2023-07-2919:16  5VM40–44 171.37%
Penistone2023-08-0519:08  2VM40–44 271.86%
Penistone2023-08-1218:32  3VM40–44 274.19%
Penistone2023-11-1820:17  8VM40–44 367.79%