Penistone Footpath Runners & AC

2020 parkrun Competition

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Matthew Coldwell

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Lifetime total: 158 parkruns

Not volunteered (0 points)

Done 7 different parkruns (7 points)

42 total points.

LocationDateTimeAge CatCat PosCat Pos PointsAge GradeAge Grade PointsPBPB PointsTotal Points
Barnsley2020-01-0125:51VM40–44 7254.42%204
Rothwell2020-01-1124:11VM40–44 8258.17%3Yes38
Fountains Abbey2020-01-1824:19VM40–44 7257.85%305
Bowling Park2020-02-0125:02VM40–44 8256.19%305
Barnsley2020-02-0823:58VM40–44 3458.69%307
Barnsley2020-02-2223:51VM40–44 6258.98%305
Stamford Park2020-02-2924:38VM40–44 2557.10%308
Horton Park2020-03-1424:20VM40–44 3457.81%307