Penistone Footpath Runners & AC

2021 Fell League

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Steve Storey

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1st overall
1st MV60
1648 points

Emlin VFR01/04/2021  761:5598
Bradfield Gates VFR01/04/2021  552:2097
White Lee Moor VFR01/04/2021 1152:4487
Bradfield Crags VFR01/05/2021  551:0495
Cartworth Moor VFR01/05/2021  743:5694
Dead Edge VFR01/05/2021  962:0693
Penistone Skyline VFR01/06/2021  71:43:4691
Penistone Struggler VFR01/06/2021  458:1590
Derwent Edge VFR01/06/2021  21:49:0997
Duddon Valley Short05/06/20211512:08:3272
Crowden Horseshoe21/08/2021 3492:3373
Bleaklow Blitz05/09/2021 3786:0977
Rivington Pike11/09/2021 9126:5169
Waddington26/09/2021 4857:3974
Turner Landscape02/10/2021 233:06:2668
Bradwell09/10/2021 4051:3876
Withins Skyline10/10/2021 8364:5172
Andrew Heywood Memorial Windgather10/10/2021 442:25:1879
Hutton Roof Crags23/10/202110676:4771
Black Lane Ends30/10/2021 2944:0775