Penistone Footpath Runners & AC

2021 Fell League

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Barbara Haigh

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5th overall
1st FV70
1115 points

Emlin VFR01/04/2021 161:43:0049
Bradfield Gates VFR01/04/2021 1271:2768
White Lee Moor VFR01/04/2021 1567:5569
Hoppits Hill11/04/202113335:3262
Bradfield Crags VFR01/05/2021 1172:0067
Cartworth Moor VFR01/05/2021 1154:3672
Dead Edge VFR01/05/2021 1285:0064
Penistone Skyline VFR01/06/2021 112:14:0077
Penistone Struggler VFR01/06/2021 1078:5675
Derwent Edge VFR01/06/2021  72:28:0085
Thurlstone Chase03/07/2021 7446:1163
Trunce 605/07/202110149:4172
Trunce 726/07/2021 8849:0574
Trunce 816/08/2021 9648:1676
Fat Boys Stanage Struggle19/09/202121075:4872
Curbar Commotion02/10/20211912:01:2871