Penistone Footpath Runners & AC

Penistone Footpath Runners & AC

Club Standards


List of Runners

Note: List shows standard achieved in current age group. Click on any name to see details of races and past achievements.

NameCategoryCurrent Class
Dean Allcroft50–54None
Rachel ArmitageSeniorNone (2/3)
Rianna ArmitageSeniorNone (2/3)
Martin Ball45–492nd Class
Daniel Batty75–79None (1/3)
Jonathan Bentley50–54None (2/3)
Melvyn Bird65–69None
Ashleigh BowskillSenior3rd Class
Karen Bowskill60–64None
Kelvin Bowskill65–692nd Class
Damien BriscoeSenior2nd Class
Gary BriscoeSenior2nd Class
Dawn Broom55–592nd Class
John Broom45–491st Class
Ray Brown75–792nd Class
Hannah ButcherSenior2nd Class
Julie Button45–492nd Class
Debra Cable55–59None (2/3)
Jill Carlton40–443rd Class
Martyn Cartwright70–74None (2/3)
Chris Charlesworth40–44None (1/3)
Ian Charlesworth55–59None
Susan Charlesworth55–592nd Class
Robert Chitoriski65–69None
Peter Claydon50–54None (1/3)
Robin Clough45–49None (1/3)
Sarah Clough45–49None
Julia CobhamSenior3rd Class
Jane Cockerton55–59None (2/3)
Matthew Coldwell40–443rd Class
Jeff Cole70–74None
Norman Cole80+None
Gareth CookeSenior1st Class
David Cooper50–54None (1/3)
Sharon Cooper50–54None (1/3)
Myfanwy CrossSenior4th Class
Peter Cross65–69None (1/3)
Julie Darigala45–492nd Class
Robert Davies50–542nd Class
Jill Davis65–69None (1/3)
Katy Davis45–49None
Chris Deacon55–59None
Steve Dickinson55–59None
Geoff Dimelow60–643rd Class
Shaun Dimelow45–491st Class
Richard Docker55–592nd Class
Steve Dommett55–59None (2/3)
Harriet DrouinSeniorNone (1/3)
Caroline Entwistle40–44None (2/3)
Caroline Eyles45–49None
David Foster65–69None (1/3)
Jane Foster65–69None (1/3)
James FryersSeniorNone (1/3)
Paul Fryers50–543rd Class
Tom FryersSeniorNone (2/3)
Laura GillSeniorNone (2/3)
Shelley GillSeniorNone (1/3)
Dawn Godley55–592nd Class
Martyn Goodwin55–59None (2/3)
Keith Gordon70–742nd Class
Mark Graham50–54None (1/3)
Daniel HagueSeniorNone (2/3)
Barbara Haigh70–74None (1/3)
Sue Hall60–642nd Class
Sarah Halstead50–54None (1/3)
Andrew HeppenstallSenior2nd Class
Susan Higham65–692nd Class
Scott HinchcliffeSeniorNone (2/3)
Phil Hinchliffe45–49None
Christine Hobson60–64None
Chris Hodgson45–49None (1/3)
Lee Hopkins45–493rd Class
David Horsfall80+None
Jackie Howsham50–542nd Class
John Howsham50–542nd Class
Margaret Hudson70–74None (2/3)
Thomas Hudson75–79None (2/3)
Martin Hughes55–59None (2/3)
Bob Innes65–69None
Julia Johnson55–591st Class
Seuranie JohnstoneSenior4th Class
Stephanie Jones50–543rd Class
Damian Kilpin40–44None (2/3)
Alan Knox65–69None
John Lawcock50–542nd Class
Robert Lees40–442nd Class
Annie Lightowler45–494th Class
Daniel LimbSenior3rd Class
Heather Lindley55–59None (2/3)
Brent Lindsay55–59None
Hugh MackieSeniorNone (1/3)
Lorraine Mackie45–494th Class
Richard Mackie45–49None
Carl Matthewman45–49None (1/3)
Jude MatthewsSenior3rd Class
Rachael Mayston45–493rd Class
Dianne McGuinness55–59None (2/3)
Luke McGuinnessSenior4th Class
Andrew Metcalfe50–54None (1/3)
David Napier45–49None (2/3)
David Needham70–742nd Class
Alison Nockels55–59None
Daren Nockels50–54None
Stephen Owen50–54None (1/3)
Lesley Parker40–44None (2/3)
Wayne Parkinson55–59None (2/3)
Jane Partridge45–49None (2/3)
Bill Phillips70–741st Class
Jonathan Phillips40–443rd Class
Simon PikeSenior3rd Class
John Pitt65–69None (2/3)
Colin Porteous55–59None (1/3)
Denise Pozorski55–59None
Jan Pozorski75–79None (1/3)
Marysia PozorskiSeniorNone (1/3)
Janet Proctor50–54None
Kieron ReedSenior2nd Class
Mark Riordan40–442nd Class
Matthew Robinson50–541st Class
Kenny Rowe65–693rd Class
Steve Sanders45–49None
Amy SchofieldSeniorNone (1/3)
Karen Schofield55–59None
Jill Scrivens45–49None (1/3)
Samantha ShawSenior2nd Class
Alex Simon50–54None
Charlie SkipperSenior2nd Class
Stuart Smith60–643rd Class
Anne Smythe65–69None (1/3)
John Spencer60–64None (1/3)
Ian St Clair50–54None (2/3)
Pete Stanley60–64None
Emma Stead40–44None
Steven Stead40–44None
Lee StoreySeniorNone (2/3)
Steve Storey60–641st Class
Ian Sutcliffe55–593rd Class
Nick ThorntonSeniorNone (1/3)
Rebecca Timms40–44None (1/3)
Andrew Walch40–44None (1/3)
Sarah WalchSeniorNone (1/3)
Teresa Wall60–64None (2/3)
Jon WallerSeniorNone (2/3)
Michael WalshSenior4th Class
Rebecca WestSenior4th Class
Nick Whittingham65–69None
Faye Williams45–49None (1/3)
Jemma WilliamsSenior3rd Class
Julian Williams50–54None (2/3)
Gillian Wolff75–79None
Stuart Woodhead60–64None (2/3)
Tracy Woodward45–49None (2/3)
Ian Wragg55–59None (2/3)
Helen WrightSenior4th Class
Helen Wright (2)SeniorNone (1/3)
Nick Wright45–493rd Class
Tony Wright50–54None
Valentina Wright45–49None (2/3)