Penistone Footpath Runners & AC

Penistone Footpath Runners & AC

Club Standards


List of Runners

Note: List shows standard achieved in current age group. Click on any name to see details of races and past achievements.

NameCategoryCurrent Class
Dean Allcroft45–493rd Class
Rachel ArmitageSeniorNone (2/3)
Rianna ArmitageSeniorNone (2/3)
Jacqueline Armitage50–542nd Class
Martin Ball45–492nd Class
Brett Barraclough45–49None (2/3)
Daniel Batty70–74None (1/3)
Jonathan Bentley50–54None (2/3)
Melvyn Bird65–69None
Kelvin Bowskill65–692nd Class
Ashleigh BowskillSeniorNone (2/3)
Karen Bowskill60–64None
Damien BriscoeSenior3rd Class
Gary BriscoeSeniorNone (1/3)
Tim Brooke40–442nd Class
John Broom45–491st Class
Dawn Broom50–541st Class
Ray Brown75–792nd Class
Hannah ButcherSeniorNone (2/3)
Megan ButtonSenior3rd Class
Debra Cable55–59None (2/3)
Jill Carlton40–443rd Class
Ashley Carson55–59None (1/3)
Martyn Cartwright70–74None (2/3)
Chris Charlesworth40–44None (1/3)
Ian Charlesworth55–59None
Susan Charlesworth55–592nd Class
Robert Chitoriski65–69None
Ian St Clair50–54None (2/3)
Peter Claydon50–54None (1/3)
Robin Clough45–49None (1/3)
Sarah Clough45–49None
Julia CobhamSenior3rd Class
Jane Cockerton55–59None (2/3)
Matthew Coldwell40–444th Class
Jeff Cole65–69None (1/3)
Norman Cole80+None
Gareth CookeSenior1st Class
David Cooper50–54None (1/3)
Sharon Cooper50–54None (1/3)
Myfanwy CrossSeniorNone (2/3)
Peter Cross65–69None (1/3)
Julie Darigala45–492nd Class
Jill Davis65–69None (1/3)
Katy Davis45–49None
Chris Deacon50–54None (2/3)
Gary Dean45–492nd Class
Steve Dickinson50–543rd Class
Shaun Dimelow45–491st Class
Geoff Dimelow60–643rd Class
Richard Docker55–59None (1/3)
Steve Dommett55–59None (2/3)
Caroline Entwistle40–44None (2/3)
David Foster65–69None (1/3)
Jane Foster65–69None (1/3)
Steve Frith65–69None
James FryersSeniorNone (1/3)
Tom FryersSeniorNone (2/3)
Paul Fryers50–543rd Class
Paul Gee50–54None (1/3)
Laura GillSeniorNone (2/3)
Shelley GillSeniorNone (1/3)
Dawn Godley55–593rd Class
Martyn Goodwin55–59None (2/3)
Keith Gordon70–74None (1/3)
Daniel HagueSeniorNone (2/3)
Barbara Haigh70–74None (1/3)
Sue Hall60–64None (2/3)
Sarah Halstead50–54None (1/3)
Andrew HeppenstallSenior2nd Class
Susan Higham65–692nd Class
Scott HinchcliffeSeniorNone (2/3)
Phil Hinchliffe45–49None
Christine Hobson60–64None
Chris Hodgson45–49None (1/3)
Lee Hopkins45–49None (1/3)
David Horsfall75–79None
John Howsham50–542nd Class
Margaret Hudson70–74None (2/3)
Thomas Hudson75–79None (2/3)
Martin Hughes55–59None (1/3)
Bob Innes65–69None
Julia Johnson55–59None (2/3)
Seuranie JohnstoneSenior4th Class
Stephanie Jones50–54None (2/3)
Sarah Jones-Morris45–49None
Damian Kilpin40–44None (2/3)
Alan Knox65–69None
John Lawcock50–542nd Class
Robert Lees40–442nd Class
Annie Lightowler45–494th Class
Daniel LimbSenior3rd Class
Heather Lindley55–59None (1/3)
Brent Lindsay55–59None
Richard Mackie45–49None
Lorraine Mackie45–494th Class
Carl Matthewman45–49None (1/3)
Jude MatthewsSenior3rd Class
Shona Matthews45–49None (2/3)
Rachael Mayston45–49None (2/3)
Luke McGuinnessSenior4th Class
Andrew Metcalfe50–54None (1/3)
Julie Moxon45–492nd Class
David Needham70–742nd Class
Alison Nockels50–54None (2/3)
Daren Nockels45–49None (1/3)
Lesley Parker40–44None (2/3)
Wayne Parkinson55–59None (2/3)
Jane Partridge45–49None (1/3)
Jonathan Phillips40–443rd Class
Bill Phillips70–74None (2/3)
Simon PikeSenior3rd Class
John Pitt65–69None (2/3)
Colin Porteous55–59None (1/3)
Denise Pozorski50–54None (1/3)
Marysia PozorskiSeniorNone (1/3)
Jan Pozorski75–79None (1/3)
Janet Proctor50–54None
Kieron ReedSeniorNone (2/3)
Kirstie Rickerby40–44None (1/3)
Mark Riordan40–442nd Class
Matthew Robinson50–541st Class
Kenny Rowe65–694th Class
Steve Sanders45–49None
Amy SchofieldSeniorNone (1/3)
Karen Schofield55–59None
Samantha ShawSenior2nd Class
Alex Simon50–54None
Stuart Smith60–643rd Class
Anne Smythe65–69None (1/3)
John Spencer60–64None (1/3)
Pete Stanley60–64None
Steven SteadSenior2nd Class
Emma SteadSenior3rd Class
Ailsa StoreySeniorNone (2/3)
Steve Storey60–641st Class
Lee StoreySeniorNone (2/3)
Ian Sutcliffe55–593rd Class
James ThompsonSenior2nd Class
Nick ThorntonSeniorNone (1/3)
Rebecca Timms40–44None
Sarah WalchSeniorNone (1/3)
Andrew Walch40–44None (1/3)
Ian Walker40–44None (1/3)
Teresa Wall60–64None (2/3)
Jon WallerSeniorNone (2/3)
Michael WalshSenior4th Class
Joanne Walton40–44None (1/3)
Rebecca WestSenior4th Class
Nick Whittingham60–64None (2/3)
Julian Williams50–54None (2/3)
Faye Williams45–49None
Jemma WilliamsSeniorNone (1/3)
Gillian Wolff75–79None
Stuart Woodhead60–64None (2/3)
Tracy Woodward45–49None (2/3)
Ian Wragg55–59None (2/3)
Nick Wright45–493rd Class
Helen WrightSeniorNone (2/3)
Helen WrightSeniorNone
Tony Wright45–49None (2/3)
Valentina Wright45–49None (2/3)